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19/07/2021   Our company will close from week 31 to week 33. i.e. from july 31st to august 22nd.
Unlike previous summer vacations, we have not been able to organize a minimum delivery service during this period.
09/06/2021   Autocom is back :-)
We missed you!
07/06/2021   Friday storm has struck our autocom.
All fixed lines inop.
Repair expected tomorrow.
Please use the website @ "My questions" as usual.
23/03/2021   Brexit News : no more problem for parts shipments to the UK. For custom reasons, make sure you order available parts on the same order and non yet available parts, each on separate orders. Thank you.  
2020/12/22   All shipments to UK customers suspended by Covid enforcement for the moment :-(  
2020/12/15   Our premisses and warehouse will close for Xmas holidays from December 23rd pm to January 4th am. Happy New Year to all our faithfull customers!  
10/07/2020   CEAPR will be closed 3 weeks for annual leave from July 31st until August 24th. During this period, AOG orders will be delt with on Thursday 6th and Tuesday 18th.  
2020/04/27   Our workshops have resumed production april 27th as expected.
2020/04/17   Our workshops will progressively resume production starting monday april 27th with all due environment for complete safety of our staff. Until then parts shipments and customer support keep steadily up and running. :-)  
2020/04/03   For the time being we are not successfull in maintaining a sufficient workforce to run the workshops even on a part basis.
Production is therefore suspended again from today.
On the other hand, procurement, the design office and the switchboard continue to work from home and full time.
Control, accounting and the warehouse continue on site but only on Wednesdays (one shipment per week on Wednesdays).
We will of course keep you informed as changes occur.
  We have resumed activities this morning.
We will ship all available parts today and tomorrow.
Please use "My questions" to let us know if your are not in a position to receive the parts.
2020/03/17   Due to the coronavirus pandemic, CEAPR will close its operations from tomorrow March 18th until April 1st.
We shall continue to take phone calls and address your web questions as much as we can.
Parts shipments are suspended as of tomorrow.
Many thanks for your understanding.
2019/12/18   Our premisses and warehouse will close for Xmas holidays from December 20th pm to January 2nd am. Happy New Year to all our faithfull customers!  
2019/07/06   CEAPR will be closed 3 weeks for annual leave from August 5th until August 26th. During this period, AOG orders will be delt with on Friday 9th and Monday 19th.  
2019/07/01   Grouped delivery orders: you may now send your shipping instructions directly from your customer area.  
2019/01/01   Our order system has improved : you may now choose new delivery modes (pick-up delivery at Darois warehouse, grouped order delivery) and special ad valorem insurance. GSC have been updated accordingly.
Have a nice business re-opening!
2018/12/17   Our premisses and warehouse will close for Xmas holidays from December 21th pm to January 3rd am. Happy New Year to all our faithfull customers!  
2018/10/21   Starting october 27th, the new parts orders will be processed through a different path in order to improve understanding, efficiency and also conform to GDPR regulation.
Payment will be performed by yourselves upon order by wire transfert or credit card, directly with your bank to your sole initiative.
The parts available in stock will be shipped via UPS next day 3PM after reception of funds in our bank account. Shipping costs invoices will be payable upon reception by email.
Payment reconciliation fees are suppressed.
100€ minimum invoice is suppressed.

Undelivered parts ordered before 2018/10/27 will be handled as follows:
Parts delivered on stock, charged and paid will be delivered to you in the next days (Related invoice of transport to be settled upon reception).
Parts delivered in stock, charged but not yet paid will be delivered to you upon reception of the payment (Related invoice of transport to be settled upon reception).
Parts will be charged and paid as they become available (Related invoice of transport to be settled upon reception).
Please keep us informed about difficulties you could meet during the first days of implementation.
Thank you for your cooperation.
2018/10/09   For all type of questions including parts deliveries, quotes, orders, payments and technical questions, please use the "My questions" box in your ceapr website front page. This service is reserved for our subscribers.
Thank you so much for your cooperation. The objective of this change is to enhance lead time and quality of our answers to our subscribers and their tracability.
2018/07/26   CEAPR will be closed 3 weeks for annual leave from aug 13th until sept 3rd. During this period, AOG orders will be delt with on fridays.  
2018/05/02   Please note CEAPR will be closed for spring holidays next week.  
2018/05/02   We have experienced an attack over our websites on Monday April 30th.
Everything is back in order now. Quote, orders and Publications are available as usual.
2017/12/22   Happy New Year to our faithfull customers.
Thank you for your business.
We shall make our best to deserve it.
We close our shop today 4pm and shall re open Wednesday January 3rd 2018, 8am.
2017/10/31   On line Publications emails have been blocked for several months. They have been released this morning. Please check reception or your trash email box. Thank you.  
2017/07/06   Annual closing (07/28th to 08/28th) : we shall process urgent orders, each monday and thursday, from 07/31st to 08/14th.  
  We are closed for Xmas and until tuesday Jan 3rd am. Happy Xmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for your business!  
2016/07/22   Annual closing is from JULY 29th till AUG 29th.
2015/11/05   Cap Type Certificates (EASA T.C.) now transferred to CEAPR. Related publications available for download to subscribers. Parts manufactured from today will be available with EASA Form1's. New Aircraft production to be resumed as order log builds up. Cap10C wings already in production.  
2015/11/04   The new Online Publications software is now stabilized. Please report all bugs not yet detected.  
2015/11/03   Bugs in the new software. order system help up for the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience!  
2015/11/02   We have updated our online publication system!  
2015/02/19   Following the liquidation in progress of Aérodif, Cap TC Holder, you may order Cap parts with EASA Form1s to CEAPR. Download IPC on our website.
Register before passing your quote/order on our website.
2015/01/01   Happy New Year and happy flights!  
2014/07/01   As of 2014/07/01, our freight policy changes : we shall ship standard UPS except if specifically instructed express.

2014/05/28   The price for our online Publications services is updated for new subscriptions and renewals effective june 1st .
Please check for details in FAQ or latest SL6.
2013/07/26   Adolf RÜF takes delivery of F-EURL, his EcoFlyer 2.0 after new retrofit in Darois  
2013/07/22   Centurion Engines out of insolvency and taken over by Continental Motors/AVIC: a new era for development! Lien
2013/06/07   starting next monday, our parts will arrive next working day to your place, no price change and full warranty!  
2013/05/25   Landing and Taxi LED lights now approved on DR400!
Nav lights too!
with Form1 and no mod.
3 years Manufacturer Warranty.
Order under following P/N:

Wing NAV green + flash
Wing NAV red + flash

Wing NAV green
Wing NAV red

Tail NAV rudder


Already included in the DR400 Parts Catalogue (IPC)
2013/05/06   No parts shipment! we are closed for the "big bridge" from now till sunday!  
2013/03/03   Les Ailes Lyonnaises take delivery of their DR400/160 Major entirely remanufactured at Darois and equipped with the new GPS/NAV/COM Gramin GTN650 Touch replacing the now retiring GNS430. Lien  
2012/12/20   Aéroclub St Omer takes delivery in Darois of EcoFlyer F-HASO with its new Centurion 2.0 Lien  
2012/10/08   +33 380 352522 : more and quicker answers to your questions on spare parts. This number is now dedicated to customer support.

For orders and quotes, please use e-mail:
or, second choice, by fax, +33+380 352525
2012/07/24   ACDIF takes delivery of IFR F-GYKF with new glass cockpit G500/GTN650. Lien
2012/07/22   OO-NZV flies back to Ostend with a brand new Centurion 2.0! Lien
2012/07/19   Summer holidays : please contact ASA for parts order from 3/8 to 3/9  
12/05/25   F-HAUX has new and happy owners and changed to Centurion 2.0S 155HP 1100KG MTOW!  
2012/04/16   HR200 oil pressure line available in stock @ CEAPR to comply with AD CAANZ DCA/R2000/40 & SB AA-SB-79-001.
Mandatory before end of April.
2011/12/19   Centurion clutch life time climbs to 600 hours! Lien
2011/11/29   new HB-KCJ delivered this morning to Fluggruppe Langenthal! Lien
2011/11/18   Limbach company closing cancelled: ATL engines are back in the air! Lien
20/10/2011   Robin New Aircraft awards CEAPR as logistic partner for parts and maintenance for its new Robin aircraft. Lien  
2011/08/05   Locat'air family gets bigger with new Centurion 2.0S, 155HP, 1100KG MTOW.
2011/08/03   Royal Antwerp Aviation Club's OO-VPE EcoFlyer changes to Centurion 2.0 Lien
2011/07/19   REMINDER! CEAPR closes for annual holidays during 4 weeks a/c July 29th.  
2011/07/11   Dr McLean's EcoFlyer G-CDAI gets its new Centurion 2.0S/1100KG MTOW.
2011/07/09   New Centurion 2.0 for Aurillac Aeroclub F-HAUR.  
2011/06/28   French Supreme Court cancels Appeal Court decision in Cap aircraft sales to Dyn'Aviation.
2011/05/29   Garmin 500 soon to be STC'd for EcoFlyers and other DR400's.
2011/05/25   CEAPR delivers new Centurion 2.0 on Vliegclub Rotterdam's EcoFlyers. Lien
2011/04/27   CEAPR delivers new Centurion 2.0 for PH-HLR Cess'Air /Aero Club Zeeland Lien
2011/04/26   CEAPR delivers new Centurion 2.0 for F-HJPS Locat'Air/CA du Parlement
2011/04/08   EcoFlyer 2.0S 155hp/1100kgs MTOW EASA certified by CEAPR/TAE!
2011/04/02   Parts orders : first step change of our website for enhanced services.
2011/02/25   On top of alternator, Centurion's high pressure pump goes to 12 years life time. Inspection still due every 600 hours.
2011/02/02   Parts order/quote on www.ceapr.com now back to work!  
2011/01/28   Beware! internet parts orders are momentarily inoperative. please order by fax at 0033 380352525 until further notice.  
2010/12/13   LFSE Aeroclub Vosgien EcoFlyer gets new 2.0 Centurion engine.
2010/12/03   AOPA mag selects Bailey's 2.0S 155hp 1100kg new EcoFlyer.
2010/12/02   Sustainable profitability and environment improvement start new investor process for Thielert.
2010/11/23   Dyn'aéro reorganizes : Ch. Robin takes french leave... Lien  
2010/11/11   CEAPR delivers new Centurion 2.0 to F-GPRF's A/C Montceau LFGM. Lien
2010/07/30   CEAPR delivers new Centurion 2.0 to A/C Rossi Levallois F-HECO
2010/07/27   EASA AD 2010-0151-E: APEX/CEAPR exhausts are not concerned. Lien
2010/07/16   Centurion gaining altitude... Lien  
2010/06/24   CEAPR delivers new Centurion 2.0 to Paul Tissandier Aeroclub.  
2010/06/14   Up to 1.500 euros bonus on 1.7 Centurion retrofits.
2010/06/10   4.000€ bonus on Centurion's 2.0S 155hp price @ 35.000€ exw & VAT.  
2010/05/14   CEAPR delivers new Centurion 2.0 for F-HBFO of New CAG Charleroi.
2010/05/11   Centurion 2.0 engine gets 1500 hours new life time limit, no inspection. Lien
2010/04/30   MT propeller gets 2400 hours/6 years overall for all EcoFlyers! Lien  
2010/04/15   CEAPR installs a new Centurion 2.0 for A/C de l'Hérault EcoFlyer! Lien  
2010/04/10   CEAPR signs Distribution contract with Thielert at Aero 2010 Show!
2010/04/08   Centurion 155hp 1100kg MTOW ready to be certified on Robin EcoFlyer! Lien  
2010/04/08   Engine Life limits: Centurion posts significant progress at Aero 2010! Lien
2010/03/24   The new Interactive Parts Catalogue for the R3000 now available on line!  
2010/03/24   First 4 EcoFlyer Centurion 2.0 retrofits sold out!  
2010/03/24   CEAPR delivers new Centurion 2.0 on COLMAR aéroclub's EcoFlyer!
2010/03/11   Meet us @ Aero Friedrichshafen 2010 Halle 5 booth 328/428! > Lien  
2010/03/02   CEAPR delivers new Centurion 2.0 engine for AC Dauphiné EcoFlyer.  
2010/02/23   New Centurion 2.0 ordered to CEAPR by Colmar A/C for F-HAAR.  
2010/02/19   CEAPR new batteries now available!
2010/01/24   Robin Type Certificates transferred to CEAPR this week?  
2010/01/24   EASA approves CEAPR Design Organisation > Lien  
2010/01/21   Industrial cooperation contract signed with Finch Aircraft
2010/01/02   Happy New Year!  
2009/12/27   Continental Teledyne working on a diesel aero engine? Lien
2009/12/23   Dauphiné Aeroclub orders new Centurion 2.0 for his EcoFlyer!  
2009/12/18   Our Parts Dept will close on the 24th till the 4th. AOG service open.  
2009/12/16   the first 4 Centurion 2.0 engines for CEAPR's maintenance shop!
2009/12/01   IAOPA sees black clouds over avgas future in Europe.
2009/11/27   French EcoFlyer owners choose to move on with Centurion/CEAPR > Lien  
2009/11/26   Centurion 155HP retrofits on launching ramp!
2009/11/23   Professionals rely on DR400 original spare parts
2009/10/28   Thielert alive and kicking with 1600 engines and 1.7 million flight hours!
2009/10/12   Part M approved for CEAPR Maintenance Workshop.
2009/09/11   New! Download your Flight Manuals and your IPCs!
2009/07/27   Thielert : life limit increase in sight? > Lien
2009/07/24   Wanted! aircraft maintenance electrical engineer and warehouse.
2009/07/21   CEAPR Parts: order at ASA from 1rst to 15th of August! > Lien  
2009/05/04   CEAPR's POA EASA approved: Robin parts again available with Form1!
2009/04/02   Thielert renamed Centurion and 300 hours cost 50% down again! Lien
2009/03/26   Meet CEAPR at Friedrichshafen Airshow 2-5 April Hall 7 booth n°430! Lien  
2009/03/26   Robin parts deliveries to resume soon!
2008/12/30   CEAPR has a new owner, bids for Cap assets of liquidated Apex... Lien